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When it comes to protecting your home from the elements, the roof above your head is the first and last line of defense. We excel at installing long lasting residential roofing. The roof is what provides the structures below with protection from the attrition of the wind, rain and sun. Keeping your roof in tip-top conditions is essential to avoiding costly repairs and keeping your home looking its best.

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Professional Residential Roof Repairs

Any economically-minded homeowner knows that the roof overhead has an imminent expiration date and will eventually need to be replaced and this can be a costly affair. But the good news is that there is plenty that can be done to extend the longevity of your roof and squeeze every drop of value from your roofing investments.

This is where the advice and experience of Citrus Heights Roofing Solutions can be of value to you. Our talented roofing contractors can help you hammer out a plan to preserve your roof and put off replacements to the very last moment. If you have been tentatively eyeballing your roof wondering when the first sign of disrepair will rear its ugly head, fret no more! Check out our partners at Roofers Red Deer.

Here is what you should know about planning to preserve your residential roofing with the leading contractors in Citrus Heights, California.

Personal Inspections

You can save yourself a lot of cash by catching problems early. This is done by handling some fairly simple inspections yourself. Begin outside with a pair of field glasses from your bird watching kit. Find a suitable vantage point and scan your roofing materials for small signs of disrepair. Look for damaged roofing materials, shingles and shakes that are misaligned or flashing that has become loose. If you also notice asphalt granules in your roof gutters these are all signs that repairs may be in order.

Professional Inspections

In addition to your personal inspections, it is a good idea to call in professionals for an experienced opinion. A professional roofing contractor can detect small signs of disrepair and recommend minor operations that can greatly prolong the longevity of your roofing materials. It is a good idea to have this done 2 to 3 times a year, but roofs nearing the end of their service life may need inspections more often.

Repairs or Replacements

A small repair can avoid damages to the interior structures that will cost far more to address. A damaged roof can be repaired or even partially replaced, but this is not always the most cost-effective option. Remember, that in any roofing job the cost of labor can be as much as 50% to 60% of the total cost of the project. If your roof is old and will only need more repair work in the future, a full-replacement may be the best choice for you. This way you don’t pay the costs of labor twice. If you need more information check out our partners at roofing in Boise.

Residential Roofing Care from Citrus Heights Roofing Solutions

As the local roofing experts on residential and commercial roofing, we know what it takes to keep your roof in good conditions. We can help you choose the materials and assemble a plan to maximize the full extent of their service life. Call us today at 916-242-5942 and arrange a FREE inspection with our talented roofing contractors. We can’t wait to add you to our extensive list of satisfied clients.

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